S2-USA Puts The “Tactical” Into The Tactical Shotgun

Customer Testimonial: Joshua Lux

Customer: Joshua Lux - I am a former Cavalry scout with three combat deployments. My collateral duties were small arms and crew served weapons instructor. Currently I work as a machinist for the army, with twelve years experience. I receive your product in less than two weeks from ordering it. That is pretty fast. The only thing faster was the response from customer service. I received an answer in less than twelve hours. Impressive! When I received my order my order I was again very happy. The fit and finish were nice. Installation was simple just a stated on the website. I am right handed but, still really like the ambidextrous feature. Once installed, I took my gun out for test firing on a static and reflexive fire range. The safeties worked perfectly. This is a great product and it is something I have wanted since I got my first 870 when I was twelve years old. 

S2-USA: Nothing makes us happier than hearing from our customers. We want to thank Joshua Lux for sending this email and letting us post it. Thank you for your service and your support.