S2-USA Puts The “Tactical” Into The Tactical Shotgun



The shotgun is one of the most widely purchased weapons in the world. It resides in almost every police or law enforcement vehicle, utilized by SWAT teams, is a mainstay weapon for Special Forces breacher teams and is the primary home defense weapon for millions of Americans.

While the Shotgun is the defensive weapon of overwhelming choice, the cross-bolt safety featured on most models are dangerous due to many factors. People do not train on their shotgun as they do their AR or sidearm. To engage or disengage the safety, the operator has to take their finger out of the trigger guard and reposition their index finger back into the trigger guard. Also, while wearing tactical gloves it is often hard to feel the safety engage and many people still have to take their eyes off the target and visually check the safety. Until now!


At S2-USA, we have taken the guesswork out the cross-bolt safety by replacing it with the world's first Selector Switch Safety for Shotguns. This innovation replaces the existing safety with a rotating AR-15 style selector switch. S2-USA, a company built with over 40-years of law enforcement, military and combat experience, understands the principle of Continuity Of Training, and how muscle memory is the foundation for proper safety manipulation. S2-USA enables consistent training across all weapons platforms: from the AR-15 / M4, to the pistol, and the shotgun. 

With this system in place, the operator does not have to think, or look to see if the button is completely depressed… just react and save valuable seconds. In a high-stress tactical situation, possessing the operators ability to manipulate the weapon's safety without hesitation can be the difference between life and death.  


  • Drop in replacement for cross bolt safeties
  • Improves Continuity of Training
  • Fully ambidextrous
  • Fits both standard and pistol grip stocks
  • Materials: 17-4 Stainless Steel, 6061-T6 Anodized Aluminum, 4140 Tool Steel
  • Made in the USA


We create innovative technologies, drawing on over 40-years of professional military and law enforcement training. This modernization and enhancement of the shotgun will bring this under-developed firearm up-to-speed with today’s operator.


The Shotgun Safety Selector Switch (S2-USA). This innovation replaces the cross bolt safety with a rotating safety selector switch. S2-USA creates continuity in safety manipulation from a rifle, to the pistol, to the shotgun.  With this system in place, the operator does not have to think, merely react, saving seconds and, almost certainly, lives.


We currently offer models that will fit all Remington and Benelli platforms with a cross bolt safety. S2-USA is currently developing products for five additional shotgun manufacturers and will be available soon.


We manufacture all of our products in the USA.